Farrells on the Island

Ferrell’s on the Island, a friendly neighborhood sandwhich and bagel shop, is a Davis Islands favorite.  Davis Islands, affectionately known as DI to locals, is like a small town within a city.   And if DI is a small town, Ferrell’s is quintessential store, located in the heart of “Mainstreet”, Davis Blvd.  

Lucky Cat Yoga

Do you have Cat-like flexibility? – Lucky Cat Yoga

Eric and Erin have purposefully created a yoga schedule to be balanced for their students.   They provide a schedule that ebbs and flows from difficult intense classes to the more flowy classes that gear towards beginners. 

Tribeca Salons

Real Life & Great Hair: Tribeca Salons

“OMG, is this real life? Working for someone who actually cares about you!” exclaims Emery, a stylist at Tampa's Tribeca Salon.  “He genuinely cares


Valhalla: The Never-Ending Closet

Valhalla is a membership based consignment shop where clothes come to be refreshed and reused. It is a groundbreaking, environmentally-sustainable, fashion movement, started right here in Tampa, Florida.


Faedo’s Daily Cuban Bread

A two bagger!!! That’s what you get when you buy Cuban bread from Faedo's Family Bakery in Seminole Heights. A loaf of deliciousness, that’s crunchy on the outside, delicate on the inside and is three-foot long (hence the two bags).