Welcome to  Live Love Tampa, a blog and website all about loving and living in Tampa.  If your interested in learning about the place you live (or want to live) and the people and businesses you live with, you’ve come to the right place!

LiveLoveTampa highlights Tampa neighborhoods people love to live in.  That way, you can find the perfect Tampa neighborhood for your family to move to and live in.  LiveLoveTampa also helps you find out more about their own neighborhood.   I hope you enjoy and Welcome to the Neighborhood!  #livelovetampa

About Me

My name is Christine Millar and I own LiveLoveTampa.  I live, work, and play in Tampa, Florida.  I am a retired high school art teacher, real estate agent, blogger and artist.

My goal for this website is to help people get to know all about Tampa and the great things that are happening here. This city is growing fast and there is good reason for that (check out my articles!).  I mainly focus on promoting businesses that I personally connect with and believe will be useful to you, the reader, in some way. From as complicated as  needing to get your  front yard professionally landscaped to as simple as getting your morning Joe, LiveLoveTampa is here for you!

I  give readers exclusive access via interviews of local business owners, directors and managers in Tampa.  I know that once you learn about their services and get to know the the people behind those business, you’ll love Tampa businesses too.