If you are looking for clean eating with yummy organic and GMO free meals then The Healthy Dose Organics, formerly Tasty Roots, is the place to be. Kirstin Coolman started her business by simply doing her own meal planning. So many people became interested in her meals and asked her to cook for them that eventually she decided to turn it into a business where she affectionately grew roots on Davis Island.unnamed (3)

Growing up Kirstin ate super healthy. Her mom always made her lunches and dinners to make sure that she was eating organic and fresh meals. No processed food for Kirstin. In college, when her mom was no longer cooking for her, Kirstin started to feel sick all the time. She was eating dorm food and it just wasn’t working. So after college Kirstin started meal planning to create a healthier and happier life. She did some research on the difference between conventional and organic food and found that the benefits of organic food outweighed the unhealthy conventional alternative. This gave her the push to switch her lifestyle.AR-305249738

The best news is now you can switch your lifestyle as well with her meal plans. She will come up with tasty foods that are good for you, giving you weekly meals to make meal planning simple and accessible. Even if you are really busy, this makes it possible.
The greatest reward for Kirstin is the people who come in and are having their lives changed through food. “Feeding people is such an intimate thing” says Kirstin. “There are people who come in every week and it is a big responsibility to feed them healthy foods.” That is rewarding for Kirstin.
One of Kirstin’s favorite part of owning her business is being creative with food and recipes. She says she will think of a meal that sounds good and ask herself how she can make it healthy. She also enjoys the personal growth and victories of owning her own business.
Besides customized meal plans there is also a grab and go coolers stocked with 100% organic &non-GMO pre-made meals, snacks, drinks, raw and vegan desserts, and bone broths. I was shocked when she told me all the benefits of the bone broth. Some benefits include improved gut health, improved digestion, healthier hair/skin/nails, weight loss, boosted immunity, and helps fight off infections.unnamed (6)
Since opening 3 years ago, they have outgrown their space and will be moving to 3415 Bay to Bay Blvd near the Starbucks. Kirstin wanted to create a space that better catered to health and wellness of body, mind and spirit. With the growth of her business and expansions of her concept, she wanted to update her brand to better embody her vision. Say hello to The Healthy Dose Organics! Custom meal plans & grab n’ go options will still be their primary focus, but they will expand their local wellness market, be home to Tampa’s first broth bar, and offer activewear, crystals, non-toxic skincare, and much more.
This is a great space to check out and get healthy. Thank you Kirstin for the great interview and see you soon on Bay to Bay Blvd.


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