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Farrells on the Island


Farrells on the Island, a friendly neighborhood sandwich and bagel shop, is a Davis Islands favorite.  Davis Islands, affectionately known as DI to locals, is like a small town within a city.   And if DI is a small town, Farrells is the quintessential store, located in the heart of “Main Street”, Davis Blvd.

Farrells is nestled perfectly in the “Main Street” area, among some other quaint, but excellent shops.  Farrells features deli sandwiches, breakfast sandwiches, and ice cream. The food is high-quality, super fresh, and tasty thanks to Todd, the owner, who only uses five-star ingredients.  Here’s a tip… I usually get the Reuben which comes with a pickle and a side of chips.  Fantastic!!!

Oh yeah… My husband wanted me to tell you that he loves the ice cream.

The Owner – Todd Farrell

Owner of Farrells on the Island

Todd Farrell has been the owner and operator of Farrells for a little over eight years now. Todd went to Florida International University for hotel and restaurant management. However, the route to owning Farrells wasn’t exactly direct.  After he received his degree, he actually became a high school Principal.  Then he became a contractor and a tile importer.  Finally, an opportunity to own his own restaurant came up.

The Beginning of Farrells – (yes skip the apostrophe)

Eight years ago,West Park Bagel occupied the space now taken up by Farrells.  When the owner of West Park Bagel decided to call it quits, Todd seized his opportunity and opened Farrells on the Island.  Todd put his all into his restaurant.  He spent sixteen hours a day for two years there making sure the product was right.  However, Todd would tell you, Farrells owes much of its success to the islanders themselves.  Referrals from Islander to Islander is what has made Farrells such a success.

It just so happens that the people of DI are Todd’s favorite part of the business.  “I know almost every one of them. Folks on the island are friendly with lots of patience, especially on Saturdays when it is really busy”.  He notes “It’s nice to see the same smiling faces.  “I like the fact that I know just about everybody, it creates a real homey feeling.”

Todd has two children.  His son is a civil engineer and his daughter is a student at FSU.  Todd’s favorite thing to do is to go home after work to eat dinner with his queen, Tisha Vestal.

He is a huge Miami Dolphins and Hurricanes fan because of the great experiences he had as a child going to season ticket games with his dad.  He is also a huge lightning fan.

Todd Farrell – Loves The U

Customers can bring their own sports memorabilia to hang in the shop as long as it is Miami Dolphins, hurricanes or another Miami based team.  In the future Todd plans on keeping running the restaurant as usual by offering fresh bagels, quality food and friendly service.

This place is worth a visit, so stop by and grab yourself a sandwich soon.  Islander approved.



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