Real Life

“OMG, is this real life? Working for someone who actually cares about you!” exclaims Emery, a stylist at Tribeca Salons.  “He genuinely cares whether we are happy or not happy, and he gives us opportunities to succeed.” This was her response when I asked her to describe what it is like to work for Brandon, the owner of Tribeca Salons.

Obviously from her response alone, you can tell Brandon is a big-hearted guy.  But as I continued the interview with Brandon, I found out just how big his heart is.  Especially for his employees and his customers.   Through Tribeca, Brandon is giving back to the community by providing great jobs and amazing customer service.  Brandon takes pride in providing Tribeca’s customers with unique hair-centric experiences.

Brandon is providing a service to Tampa beyond the salon. Currently, Tribeca employs forty-nine employees who are enjoying great careers. That’s right… Careers… not just jobs.  Brandon doesn’t just employ, he teaches through an apprenticeship program.  Brandon pours into his team.  (I got to see this in action).

Brandon affectionately calls his stylists his children.  Brandon’s stylists receive commissions, and unlike many other salons, Brandon offers his stylists health benefits.

Brandon - Owner of Tribeca Salons
Brandon, Owner of Tribeca Salons

He enjoys watching them grow, educating them and seeing how they build their careers.

“I’m really happy that my employees can go out and buy houses, have kids, and continue having flourishing careers. It’s not about being behind the chair, it’s about creating a great work environment.”

The growth of his employees means a lot to him, it is what brings him the most joy in his business.

Real Service

Beyond Tribeca’s great work environment Brandon prides himself on his customers’ experience. The salon is for everybody, Brandon says. Its inclusive nature comes from the variety of price points that match the experience of the stylist. Hair cuts for men can be as low as fifteen dollars.

The Tribeca Salons Experience
Treat yourself! at Tribeca Salons

When I stepped into the salon, I could feel the energy. I was greeted with a choice drinks: coffee, tea, wine, or sparking water. The stylist also greeted me with a choice of latest hair colors and cuts. Which of course, made me immediately want to try out everything. The creativity and expertise are combined to create a great customer experience.

Real Places

Tribeca currently has two locations, one on Kennedy, near the University of Tampa. The other is in Ybor, right under the movie theater. The salons feel very… New York meets Tampa. The décor is modern and simplistic without being stuffy.

Brandon plans on opening a Seminole Heights location in October of 2018, and another location in St. Pete in 2020. He also plans on starting a hair academy in Montreal.

Real Deals

Looking for a great deal? The Tribeca Salons, provides a great avenue if you are on a budget… their Apprenticeship Program. On Sundays and Mondays clients can go in and get their hair done for fifty percent off the normal coloring costs. Well trained apprentices, under the watchful eye of a senior stylist will perform the work.

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Christine Millar - Tampa Realtor - Owner of LiveLoveTampa
Christine Millar – Tampa Realtor – Owner of LiveLoveTampa

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