Spaddy’s Mobile Cafe seems to have become a Saturday routine for the Seminole Heights community.  At very least it has become our Saturday routine.

As you walk up to the food truck window to order your coffee you are greeted by the owner, Greg Spadacinni.  He is a casual guy with a big smile. “Everyone who comes to me is my priority”, he says.  “I try to treat everyone as if they don’t want to come back so I have to do my best to make them.”

The coffee is great, it is custom with a pretty design floating on the top. He also has other things that you can order.  Sulfur Springs Sandwich Shop provides some pretty stellar breakfast sandwiches.
Spaddy’s also has a selection of teas.  I personally like the strawberry green tea.
Beyond the coffee is an impressive outdoor space that is full of families.  They are all drinking coffee (except the kids and dogs) and enjoying something to eat.  There are great donuts at Faedo’s Bakery right next to Spaddy’s.  I like the jelly filled ones.
Greg’s business was inspired by a place in Dallas Texas called “the Truck Yard”.  The Truck Yard was set in a parking lot with great markets and food trucks. While Greg says that the business takes a lot of time the community around the business and the customers that become friends make it worth while.  He likes to see people and dogs hanging out.

In the future Greg plans on building a coffee bar off of his VW bus that is currently parked in the outdoor space.  He also getting married in a week to his girlfriend Jane.
Thank you Greg for a great interview.  See you on Saturday.

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